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How do you feel about email marketing? If it makes you uneasy, you’re not alone.

This email and social media marketing course takes away the uncertainty. Armed with the right knowledge, your whole business marketing will be transformed.

Why combine email with social media?

Email is powerful. When combined with social media, the power of both goes into overdrive.

  • You build stronger, more meaningful audience relationships
  • It’s targeted. Recipients are already interested
  • It’s easily measurable. You can see what’s working, and what needs improvement
  • And most importantly…

It’s profitable. When email and social work together, you have a sure-fire process for converting prospects into paying customers.

Melanie Johnson delivering a social media workshop

Social media training designed with you in mind

Email training & social media — Course content

After 10 online sessions, delivered weekly, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need.

You get strategy advice, email templates, practical exercise, session recordings, handy cheat sheets… and my personal support. I’m on hand afterwards to keep you on track.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

  • List building and audience growth
  • Your sales funnel — from social media through email to conversion
  • Mailchimp, and how to use it
  • Content creation. The secrets to brilliant copy, lead magnets and video
  • Avoiding the dreaded spam folder
  • How to engage and nurture your audience (without bombarding them)
  • Data analytics in plain English. How to mine this seam of valuable information

Investment: £1397*

Payment plans are available on request


Why bother with email marketing?

Every now and again, we’re told that email marketing is dead. It definitely isn’t. Email is alive and energetically kicking.

Is your inbox open now? I’m guessing it is.

Email should form a seamless link with your social media strategy. Both work best when they work together. You build stronger relationships with your ideal clients.

When it’s done well, email marketing reaches a larger audience, and converts more of them into paying customers.

If you’d like a chat, feel free to call Melanie on 07811 324 032.

I have recently completed Mel’s Unlock your Social Media Confidence Course. Since working with Mel, I feel like I am on the right track with my social media and have found ways to niche and batch my content and pricing and to market my services differently. The course is easy to access, in bite-sized pieces of work that are easy to fit into your week and helps you to gain clarity over what you really need to be doing on SM to save you time. The content was great, but there was also so much value in the weekly coaching calls in terms of providing accountability and helping me to come up with and implement some great new ideas. I now have clarity, direction and more ideas for engagement and visibility around my social media marketing.’

Rachel Howell, Nutribalance

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