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Flexibly designed solutions for social

When it comes to social media, it’s easy to fall into a digital slump. It’s tough going, and you feel you’re getting nowhere.

I design social media training specially for you — both content and format — to fix the problem. No matter your level, it boosts your knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm.

Afterwards, it’s followed up with personal support. I provide practical advice and gentle guidance to keep you on track.

Melanie Johnson delivering a social media workshop

How does social media training work?

Training can be for an individual, or for a group. It may be a single day, or a series of sessions.

Depending on where your target market hangs out, we focus on:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

I put together a mix of valuable information, strategy, and practical exercises. It’s an opportunity to learn new approaches, experiment with ideas and see what happens.

Are you ready to have a chat? Call me (Melanie) on 07811 324 032.

You and your business are unique, so all sessions will be tailored to your requirements. Click the link below to see some examples of my specific programmes. All programmes can be delivered individually or as a group programme.

Social media training programmes

Social media clarity session

A 2- hour laser-focused session to help hone your messaging and develop an actionable content plan. 

LinkedIn coaching

Flexible training designed to help you transform your LinkedIn presence and use it to grow your business. 

Social media success programme

Get strategic with your social media and develop a consistent strategy that fits within the time, money and resources you have available. 

Email marketing & social media course

Turbo charge your marketing and learn how to combine the power of social media and email marketing to deliver the results you need.

On social media, none of us are perfect

You may be struggling with social media, but the fact is, so is every other business. It’s fine to have days when nothing happens. It’s all about consistency.

Here’s a taster of what else you’ll discover:

• On social, being yourself is what sets you apart
• Sometimes, you can get a better result by doing less
• Quality beats quantity
• You have more useful, engaging content than you think
• Strategy, strategy, strategy… (did I mention strategy?)

I help you design a simple, time-saving social media strategy which brings consistency and starts conversations with the right people.

A workshop on using Facebook in Haywards Heath

On social media, data is your friend

Your data is a goldmine of information. It helps you post scroll-stopping content which your audience enjoys and shares. You can quickly reach thousands of people.

It’s nowhere near as difficult as it sounds. And it saves you hours, if not days of time. You’ll know what’s working, and (even better) what you can stop doing.

Social media data is your most valuable tool. I’ll show you how to use it to your advantage.

We were feeling really at sea with Social Media - which platforms to use, and when, what to post and where. Mel brought much-needed clarity and focus, helping us build an overall strategy to suit our business channels that we can evolve and develop. Her approach was so honest and open, and her knowledge and experience were exemplary. She even coached us through the platforms we were not familiar with! Thank you, Mel.

Katherine Dart, Grape & Nectar