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A social media audit takes away the guesswork. You get an expert’s view of your social media content, facts and figures, plus advice on how to get a big result… with less effort.

I look at your social media from all angles — the whole picture, right down to the data. Here’s what you come away with:

  • Quick fixes to save time. They’ll make an instant difference
  • Knowledge. You’ll know what works, what doesn’t, and the reasons why
  • A full report — in writing and on video. Easy to digest, handy whenever you need it

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Social media health check

Social media offers massive business benefits. It brings trust, authenticity and ultimately, more customers. OK, you already know that.

But here’s the thing: Social can be a headache. You may be struggling to find the time, unsure about the objectives, lacking confidence or just plain confused.

A social media health check puts the power in your hands because you find out:

  • Where to focus efforts to save hours or (let’s be honest) days of time
  • Whether you’re connected to the right people
  • The best time to post
  • Why some posts resonate with your target audience and…
  • … why others sink without trace
  • How your competitors manage their social media

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Social media health checks from £345*

*prices vary depending on the scope of the project.

I’d like a social media audit. How does it work?

My background is in sales and marketing. Therefore, your social media review clarifies the whole marketing approach — core values, business objectives, customer profile, key messaging. Often, the results are a revelation.

I also focus on the tiny data details. You’ll find out who sees your content, how and when they engage, your best and worst performing posts.

It’s about encouragement, not criticism. It’s my job to cut through the overwhelm and confusion. With a long-term social media strategy in place, things will get a whole lot easier.

'Working with Mel has had a massive impact, and I now know how to make Social Media Work. She has increased my confidence and helped me to simplify my offers. A MASSIVE THANK YOU' for your patience, tolerance and sharing a wealth of knowledge. You are very generous with what you are sharing and your time.

Nisanka, Coaching with Nisanka

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