One-to-One Coaching

It's time to get strategic and make more money from your marketing.

Do you feel stuck when it comes to understanding what to say about your business online? Are you unsure how to move forward and turn those followers into the paying customers you want and need to be working with? Do you feel that despite all your efforts, social media and email marketing just doesn’t work for you?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media success, but you need a clear strategy, plan, and an understanding of where and how to focus your online efforts to attract more of the clients you want to work with and profit from the efforts you put in.

My one-to-one coaching packages will give you the edge over your competitors. We work together to design, develop and support you in implementing a social media strategy and plan that is unique to you and your business and doesn’t take up all of your precious time.


Coaching Packages Designed To Help you Harness the Power of Social Media

All packages are tailored to your individual needs to ensure you can confidently market your business, tell your story and be the first choice for your ideal client.

The Social Media Review- £345

This package will ensure you are profiting from your efforts on social media and that the valuable time and energy you devote to creating posts, writing copy and worrying about algorithms is driving your business forward.

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The Social Media Success Programme -£997*

In just 6 weeks, you will learn how to nail your social media strategy and turn those followers into paying clients. We’ll work together to get crystal clear on exactly what you need to be doing and saying on social media to attract more of your ideal clients and ensure you feel motivated to take action and use social media to grow a profitable business.

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The Social Media and Email Integration Programme -£1397*

In this 10-week programme, you will learn how to integrate the powerful combination of social media and email marketing and ensure you can build an engaged audience of people who are ready to buy from you. Rather than creating more content, we’ll ensure the content you produce works smarter and harder.

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Due to time constraints, one-to-one coaching packages are limited to 4 spaces a month. Payment plans are also available on request.

Can’t see what you are looking for? Don’t worry. I know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all. So just hit the button below and we can chat.


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