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We are a web and social media agency based in Mid- Sussex and we are on a mission, our mission is to provide all our customers with the high-quality web and social media services they deserve. We specialise in helping businesses develop social media strategies and websites that empower them to grow their business, whilst teaching them how to use these as effectively as possible.

We do this through a combination of experience, strategy, training and optimisation.

Melanie Johnson

I have more than 15 year’s experience in marketing and advertising and have worked with a wide range of clients within the retail, beauty, education and events sectors.

I am passionate about ensuring businesses can achieve their full potential by helping them to navigate the social media landscape and to better understand how it fits into their overall marketing mix. Having always worked for small businesses who had a large corporate client base I understand the challenges you face and aim to help you overcome these challenges through a combination of strategy, training and consultancy.

When I’m not working I am jointly responsible for two small people. I love a good natter, cooking, wine, really hard exercise classes and meeting new people.

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