The Social Media Success Programme

It's time to nail your strategy and turn those social media followers into paying clients

In this 6-week programme, we will work together to develop your social media presence to ensure you stand out. And can use it to build a pipeline of clients you love and want to work with without feeling uncomfortable, overwhelmed and unsure if you are doing the right thing.

I will be on hand to support you in conveying your unique message, understanding your ideal client and using your social media to sell your services! Without feeling overly salesy.

Together we’ll get crystal clear on what your strategy needs to be, and I will be on hand throughout the entire process to help you implement it. 

By the end of the programme, you will:

The programme includes:

Programme Structure:

Week One: Know your ideal client. Knowing what makes your perfect client tick is crucial to success on social. We will work together to understand their habits, pain points and objections to ensure we know what they want and need to see. 

Week Two: Conveying your unique message. Your services may not be unique, but your story and your approach to solving your clients’ problems most definitely is. Here we focus on your message, story and experience to enable you to confidently share your story in a way that truly resonates with your clients. 

Week Three: Your Content Strategy:  It’s time to talk content. This week we look at your overall content strategy. We’ll identify which platforms you need to be on and what you need to be saying about your business to sell your services. 

Week Four: Creating content that sells: This week is all about creating content. We will focus on developing and writing posts for social media and how to repurpose the content you may already have!

Week Five: Building an engaged community: This week, we look at how to build meaningful connections with your followers and potential clients. The focus here is on meaningful connections to increase your reach and client base.

Week 6: Measuring your success: We will take a look at the in-platform analytics to ensure you know exactly what’s working and how to use the data to learn and develop your strategy.

Investment: £1197

Due to limited availability and to ensure everyone gets the most out of their coaching. Spaces are limited to 4 per month

Payment plans are available.

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