The Social Media Review

Be sure your social media efforts are working for your business.

‘Prior to working with Mel, I had little knowledge of social media for business. She has increased my confidence and knowledge of what content to put out. I also now better understand the technicalities of social media. I was surprised by how non-jargony it was and Mel’s ease and friendliness of communication also put me at ease. I not only have better knowledge of what content to put out and the more technical aspects of social media – I also have increased engagement with my clients. Go to Mel – she will sort you out.’

Amy Beecroft

A Social Media review will ensure you are profiting from your efforts on social media and that the valuable time and energy you devote to creating posts, writing copy and worrying about algorithms is driving your business forward.

I will conduct a social media review that takes into account your individual businesses objectives and the role social media needs to play in achieving those.

By the end of the review, you will:

What’s included:

*Includes 2 social media platforms.

Investment: £345

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