The Social Media and Email Integration Programme

Combine email marketing and social media for better business results. 

In this 10-week programme, we will work together to create a fully integrated email marketing and social media strategy. We will work together to create a unique strategy and build an engaged audience that wants and needs your services right now. Rather than producing more content, we will make sure the content you have works smarter and harder!

I will be on hand to support you in making your content go further, getting under the skin of your ideal client and making sure your social media and email marketing work seamlessly together.

‘I was struggling with my social media, as I knew I should be using it, but not how to. Mel provided a thorough and in depth review of my existing social media profiles to find where I was lacking. She gave me focused training on each of the platforms and helped me to understand what I should be targeting. Mel also helped with building a content plan and content ideas. I now feel much more in control and less anxious about this area of my business. Mel has a relaxed manner and explains things thoroughly, I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone that needs a bit of support with Social Media.’

Rachael Panteney, Willow Tree Financial Services

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By the end of the programme, you will: 

The programme includes:


Week One: Know your ideal client. Knowing what makes your perfect client tick is crucial to success on social. We will work together to understand their habits, pain points and objections to ensure we know what they want and need to see. 


Week Two: Conveying your unique message.  Your services may not be unique, but your story and your approach to solving your clients’ problems most definitely is. Here we focus on your message, story and experience to enable you to confidently share your story in a way that truly resonates with your clients. 


Week Three: Your Content Strategy: This week is all about your content strategy. We will look at precisely what you need to be saying to stand out and ensure your copy and messaging resonates with your audience. 


Week Four: Email marketing and social media: Here, we structure a plan for what to say on email marketing versus social media. We will be diving deep into the World of content repurposing and looking at how social media can help you to build your list and sell your services.


Week Five: Creating a killer lead magnet: In this session, we look at the importance of a killer lead magnet and why this is key to growing a profitable customer base.


Week 6: Creating content that sells: This week is all about creating content. We will focus on developing and writing social media posts that reflect your business and your unique personality.


Week 7: Building an engaged community: This week, we look at building meaningful relationships through social media and email marketing to increase your reach and drive those sign-ups. 


Week 8: It’s all about onboarding: When people sign up for something, they are interested, and they want to know more! In this session, we will create a powerful sequence of emails that lets people know why they need to work with you! 


Week 9: Measuring your success: We will look at your insights to date and ensure you are set for success and understand what’s working. And give you some advice on how to fix things when they don’t go according to plan. 


Week 10: The roundup: This all-important final session is our chance to review your progress, plug any gaps and make sure you are ready and raring to go and get those clients!


Investment: £1397


Due to limited availability and to ensure everyone gets the most out of their programme.  Spaces are limited to 4 per month.

Payment plans are available.

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